Semi-conductor, devices & consumer electronics

a vast and diverse Market offers hge potential to those that can find the right path in an unformatted industry

we connect Our clients with innovative business leaders and corporate functional experts in:

  • Semi-conductors: IDM, Tablets, Assembly, Testing, Measurement
  • Computing, Network and Storage
  • Mobile and Consumer Electronics: Smart-phone, tablets, wearables, VR
  • Electronic manufacturing: semi-conductors, ems, ODM

Hardware, Devices and Consumer Electronics are Moving to Software-Enabled, Connected Solutions.

Consencly, Key Success Factors Are Innovation, A Short Product Life Cycle, Speed ​​to Market, Agility, Robust Supply Chain & Amp; Operations and Cost Efficient.

But the Primary Differentiator is Software Development. This is essential for slighting new technologies, cloud computing, Open Source, Big Data and Data Analytics, as well as The Convergence of Servers, Storage and Networking.

in Addition, From A Customer Perspective, Access to Software Vendor Ecosystem Also Makes to Hage Difference.

our semiconductor, devices and consumer electronics experts are experienced in recruiting innovative leaders across the industry: Leaders with the ability to turn potential into succes, driving change and growth.